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Carphone Warehouse Official Website:   http://www.carphonewarehouse.com

Why we like to shop online at Carphone Warehouse Website:
  • Carphone Warehouse UK is recognized nationwide for their service and excellent prices. Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Fresh are just some of the big names that you'll find at Carphone Warehouse UK.
  • Carphone Warehouse mobile phone prices are excellent - as are prices for other personal communication devices and PDAs. Carphone Warehouse rebates will save you even more!
  • Carphone Warehouse's customer service and product range is unmatched. Carphone Warehouse offer everything from mobile phone upgrades and mobile phone services to Bluetooth products, in-car solutions and much more!
  • The knowledgeable Carphone Warehouse personnel provide the expertise necessary for a flawless purchase of your mobile phone system and services. Carphone Warehouse offers free shipping on delivery to UK mainland addresses too!

Carphone Warehouse operates hundreds of stores in major towns and cities throughout the UK. In fact Carphone Warehouse has over 1,300 stores in 10 countries! All these Carphone Warehouse UK stores serve retail, corporate, government and education customers and include technical service departments. Carphone Warehouse's inventory includes all major brands of mobile phones and communications products, including Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericcson and Siemens, to name but a few. Carphone Warehouse also carries Bluetooth products and in-car mobile systems too.

About Carphone Warehouse: CarPhoneWarehouse.co.uk complements Carphone Warehouse high street presence, building upon Carphone Warehouse's commitment to meet all of their customers' communications needs. Carphone Warehouse Online offer a vast range of competitively priced mobile phones, mobile phone services and communications products from thousands of carefully selected lines. Carphone Warehouse aim to deliver a fast, no-fuss and secure online shopping experience every time you visit Carphone Warehouse website - www.CarPhoneWarehouse.co.uk. Carphone Warehouse's high street presence combined with a fine reputation for excellent customer service makes Carphone Warehouse website a very popular choice for purchasing mobile phone services - for home and business users alike.

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AOL UK sold to Carphone Warehouse for 370m

Carphone Warehouse has won the auction to buy the UK's third-largest internet business, AOL UK.

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iPhone could be exclusive to Carphone Warehouse in the UK

Charles Dunstone, CEO of Carphone Warehouse, discussed the iPhone during the companies quarterly results and said he is hoping for an exclusive deal with Apple in the UK. Optimistically the company has a pre-order form on their website already.

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iPhone4 not delivered by Carphone Warehouse

If you want your phone to arrive on time, don't ever order it from the Carphone Warehouse.

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Carphone Warehouse bans over-70's without supervision from Internet

The Carphone Warehouse has decided that it won't be selling broadband services to the over-70's unless they're accompanied to the shop by a young whippersnapper to explain the small print to them.

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